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The 10mm Whisper Shade model is our starter design, offering the full insulation benefits of air-filled double glazing. The closer pleat layout makes them visually ideal for smaller-sized windows and frames.

The cellular honeycomb cell construction used in Whisper Shades delivers more than a sharp and contemporary look for your windows. These cells offer super-efficient insulation, trapping air inside each cell to effectively reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

Whisper Shades are manufactured using a unique spun-bonded polyester material, which gives these blinds crisp, clean lines and a fresh contemporary look. They may look delicate, but they’re made to last. The 10mm depth option offers an attractive fine look across a wide variety of window types and shapes.

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Sabelle 10mm - Light Filtering

Sabelle 10mm - Light Filtering

Sabelle has both light filtering and blockout fabrics in a range of natural shades. The texture is a very clean; matt, flat colour that responds to the light in a way similar to a painted surface.

Suitable for: Whisper® Shades , Cellular Shades , Whisper® Shades 10mm

Spun-bonded polyester

Privacy factor:

Fabric features:
UV protection
100% Recyclable
Available in 10mm Whisper® cell size
10mm cells tend to suit smaller windows

Product Type: Light Filtering

Whisper® Classic 10mm - Light Filtering

Suitable for: Whisper® Shades , Cellular Shades , Whisper® Shades 10mm

Flexible function for your home

Whisper Shades offer a wide range of choices to the homeowner, in where they can be used and in how they can be operated.



Enjoy natural light and retain privacy with the ability to control the amount of coverage you want on a window.


Combine two shades in the one installation to deliver daytime views with an opaque fabric and evening privacy with Blockout.


Whisper Shades are an ideal option for a range of skylight installations.

Unusual/custom shapes

Talk to us about that special window in your home. You will be amazed at the different shapes that Whisper Shades can fit. The 10mm Whisper Shade design in particular is especially customisable for those more customised installations.

Operating options

All Weathermaster Whisper Shades come with a choice of five operating systems.



Standard cord lock

The classic operating mechanism which stacks the shade at the top of the slim headrail.



A continuous cord loop design, for easy movement of the shade. Can be installed with a cord tensioner to hold the bottom of the loop in place against the window frame.



A completely cordless system that is fully child safe. Just raise and lower the shade with your hand from the bottom rail. The sprung retraction system holds the shade in place at the height you leave it.



Incorporates an innovative lifting system to operate the entire shade using a single self-retracting cord.


If you want to have an automated system for your shades, rather than the usual manual option, automation options are available for all the full Whisper Shade range. You can select from either handheld or wall-mounted remotes, or we can arrange for shade control to be integrated into your wider Home Automation System.