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The practically of venetian blinds and the natural beauty of timber, with a range of options to best match the décor of your home.

Enjoy the practicality of venetian blinds and the natural beauty of timber with blinds of exceptional quality. Your home will be graced by a product that’s been created by craftsmen whether you choose the delicate grain and warm hues of timber or a paint-finished colour to match your décor.


You can be confident that you’re taking the long-term view for your home and the planet with Countrywoods® Timber Venetian Blinds. The lacquered timber finishes are UV resistant, demonstrating little change in colour after five years in the New Zealand sun and the timbers that we use are all from renewable resource managed forests.

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Countrywoods® Venetians

Countrywoods® Venetians

Enjoy the natural beauty of timber with Weathermaster® Countrywoods® Timber Venetian Blinds. Timber blinds provide a variety of grain patterns and natural colours.

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Automated options

If you choose to have an automated system for your blinds rather than the usual manual option you will be able to select from either handheld or wall-mounted remotes, or we could arrange for blind control to be integrated into your Home Automation System.


Optional e-cote® UV

If you decide to custom finish your blinds with e-cote® UV you will be taking advantage of the highest UV resistant properties available. With this system the e-cote® UV paint is cured in UV ovens to produce a hard, durable and extremely smooth finish.