The RCU7 combines full 360˚ rotation with a choice of an octagonal or square canopy to provide the shade just where you need it as the sun passes overhead.

The Rotating Cantilever Umbrella 7’s canopy rotates through a full 360˚ to provide the shade just where you need it as the sun passes overhead. Combine this with your choice of octagonal or square canopy and you’ll quickly see why the innovative and responsive Rotating Cantilever Umbrella 7 makes enjoying outside spaces easy.


No more pulling on cords to raise your umbrella canopy. The Rotating Cantilever Umbrella 7 features gas-assisted technology for effortless raising of the canopy and Weathermaster’s patented quick-release sliding system, which ensures the umbrella is opened and closed in a single easy movement


Fabric and Material details will be available soon.

Installation options

The Rotating Cantilever Umbrella 7 is available with a stainless steel and aluminium in-ground anchor to secure the umbrella into concrete, or there’s a surface plate anchor that’s manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel plates and designed for securing to a wooden deck or concrete pad. Weathermaster also offers a stainless-steel strut upgrade for coastal conditions.

More reasons to choose the Rotating Cantilever Umbrella 7 umbrella
  • Your umbrella comes with an easy-fit protective cover as standard.
  • 13 colours to choose from.
  • Premium 100% solution dyed fabric for high colourfastness and fade resistance.
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Available with screen-printed branding for commercial purposes.