Timber Shutters

Top-quality, custom-made

It’s hard to beat the eye-catching appeal of custom-made timber shutters for a winning combination of durability, functionality and style. These top-quality shutters are the investment that will repay you with versatile heat and light control through every season.

At Weathermaster® we only use premium quality kiln dried Basswood for our Shutters. This is because Basswood is light, strong and extremely stable, which makes it perfect for the exacting manufacturing processes we follow. From the careful measurement of your windows through to the fine finish of our Shutters you will witness a craftsman’s attention to detail in every stage.    

A valuable asset

Custom-made for your home, Country Woods® Shutters are a window shade, design element and joinery feature all-in-one. They add value to your property. 


Because there are three ways to construct and fit shutters - Hinged, Bi-Fold and Sliding - you can use them throughout your home. They work for every room.

Lots of choice

With a range of frame and mounting options for your Shutters and 4 paint finishes or 22 stains to choose from there will be a style to suit almost any window or door. Plus Weathermaster® offers traditional Elliptical Louvers in three sizes (65mm, 91mm, 116mm) and a Flat Louver in 91mm. With Weathermaster® Country Woods® Shutters there’s lots of choice, but the quality is always the same: glued and doweled panels for superior strength and state-of-the-art electrostatic paint finishing for a blemish free lustre.


Two Tilt Bar options

There are two Tilt Bar options. Front tilt provides the traditional look of plantation shutters. ClearView Hidden Tilt gives Shutters an unobstructed, more contemporary look. 


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Country Woods® Timber Shutters

Country Woods® Timber Shutters

Beautiful, practical and durable, timber shutters are a timeless look for premium homes and apartments. They are custom made to fit your windows or doors. When shut they provide effective heat and noise insulation. Available in 18 colours, 64mm, 89mm and 114mm.

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Please note the Country Woods® Timber Shutters range is not available for Sample Express.

Suitable for: Shutters

Standard Hinged

Standard Hinged

Applicable only to Shutters, the Standard Hinged option is suitable for small to medium window widths, and can consist of one or more rectangular Shutter Panels hinged in a variety of configurations.

Sliding on Track

Sliding on Track

Sliding applications require the use of a Top Track and either bottom guides or a Bottom Track. The panels do not open or Bi-Fold, but rather slide left to right on either one or two tracks. The Sliding System allows you to cover wide widths, and is a wonderful way to treat sliding doors to match the rest of your windows.

Hinged Bi-Fold & Bi-Fold on Track

Hinged Bi-Fold & Bi-Fold on Track

There are two Bi-Fold styles, depending on the widths and heights of your window. The first option uses the same frame configurations as the Standard Hinged style, with one Panel Bi-Folding off another. For larger applications, Bi-Fold on Track options are available.


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