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Weatherwell Aluminium Shutters

NZWS Weathermaster® Aluminium Shutters (15bellavista_013)

Add an extra dimension to your home


Weathermaster® Weatherwell Aluminium Shutters are not only a practical solution for your window coverings, but they also offer a plethora of customisation options to suit your unique style and preferences.

From choosing the perfect colour that complements your home's aesthetic to selecting the ideal panel configuration and blade size, you have the freedom to create a truly personalised look.

With Weathermaster Weatherwell Aluminium Shutters, you can effortlessly transform your home into a haven of style and sophistication. Upgrade your home with these exceptional shutters and experience the difference they make.

NZWS Weathermaster® Aluminium Shutters (IMG_0553 Hardware REMOVED)

For beachside patios


Do you have a great outdoor space you want to use all year round? Weathermaster® can transform a beachside home into an enjoyable patio in the ever changing ocean climate.

The Multifold option enables you to pull the shutters to the side on beautiful days or close them off quickly when the high winds roll in.

NZWS Weathermaster Aluminium Shutters (Home_After Aluminum Shutters)

For outside deck turned oasis


Deck turned private oasis! An outside deck that has never been used due to close neighbours can become an oasis when enclosed with Fixed Aluminum Shutters.

Movable blades can be set in any position to give any homeowners ultimate flexibility and solitude. No more prying eyes.

NZWS Weathermaster® Aluminium Shutters (Tony use 4)

For downtown high-rise buildings


City sleek with wind protection! The robust design of Aluminium Shutters gives them the strength to survive high winds while maintaining a sleek look.

This downtown high-rise appartment was looking for a way to protect furniture from winds. Sliding aluminum shutters met all the needs of security while maintaining the design continuity of
the buidling.

NZWS Weathermaster® Aluminium Shutters (21valentine_212)

For resort style living


Aluminum shutters are perfect for extending the luxurious look of timber shutters into external and high-use areas, ideal for ensuring privacy for the hot tub or courtyard areas around your property.

Hinged shutters will maintain the picturesque view and privacy while allowing airflow through the blades.


More reasons to choose Aluminium Shutters


Provides light, airflow and temperature control.
Ideal for external applications.
Four security options.
Three blade sizes.
A selection of standard powder coat finishes and timber wraps.
Easy functionality with style.


Security Features

NZWS Weathermaster® Aluminium Shutters Flush Bolt (IMG_3654)

Flush Bolt

The Flush Bolt option is available with Hinged in Frame, Hinged no Frame and Multi-Fold (bottom only) installations.

Security Bolt

Security Bolt

The Security Bolt of Aluminium Shutters is stainless steel and is placed at the top or bottom of the selected panel(s) stile on the opposite side of the hinges. Available in Hinged in Frame and Hinged No Frame installations.


NZWS Weathermaster® Aluminium Shutters Blade Stay (Blade Stay)

Blade Stay

Elegantly incorporated into the Blade, the Blade Stay allows you to position the Blade into a Fixed Open or closed position. This function prevents the wind from blowing the Shutter closed.


NZWS Weathermaster® Aluminium Shutters Lockable Metal Handle(Lockable Metal Handle)

Lockable Metal Handle

When a Handle is ordered with an 89mm or 114mm Blade, it’s default position will be adjacent to the mid-rail so the handle will clear the Blade protrusion.

Installation options


Hinged Options

This classic plantation shutter look consists of shutter panels that are hinged to a frame or window opening. Standard hinged systems can consist of one or more shutter panels hinged in a variety of configurations. Single panels can be individually hinged, or two panels may be hinged together from the frame in a hinged bi-fold design.

NZWS Weathermaster® Aluminium Shutters (15bellavista_013)

Fixed in Panel

Movable Blades can be set in any position to give any homeowners ultimate flexibility and solitude.


NZWS Weathermaster Aluminium Shutters (Home_After Aluminum Shutters)


The most flexible of all the installation types. Used to completely fold the Shutters away from the opening when a non obstructed view is required. They can be recess Fit or Face Mounted.


NZWS Weathermaster® Aluminium Shutters (21valentine_212)


Sliding Shutters are a great option when you need to place over sliding doors, enclose balconies or any other outdoor area. Sliders win points for easy operation but cannot be fully removed from the view.

Download the Weathermaster® Weatherwell Aluminium Shutters brochure